2020 Migratory Bird Seasons

Tennessee’s migratory bird species include dove, woodcock, gallinule, moorhen, crow, rails and snipe. A migratory bird permit is required to hunt all migratory birds, with the exception of crow. There is a possession limit that is three times the daily bag limit. For the first two crow hunts, hunting is allowed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

SpeciesOpening DateClosing DateDaily Bag
DoveSeptember 1September 2815
DoveOctober 10November 115
DoveDecember 8January 1515
WoodcockNovember 14December 63
Gallinule/MoorhenSeptember 1November 915
CrowJune 12July 12N/A
CrowSeptember 4December 20N/A
CrowJanuary 1February 28N/A
RailsSeptember 1November 925
SnipeNovember 14February 288